Event Marketing: The Events Our Clients Have Hosted, Sponsored, and Are Currently Planning

What’s the hardest part of planning an event? Is it the organizing phase? The demographic research? All of the digital advertising? Content marketing? Sourcing out materials for your booth and swag items? Scheduling staff and volunteers? Participating in the event itself? 

The answer is yes.

If you’ve ever planned an event for your business, you don’t need us to tell you how complicated and time-consuming it can be. It’s a daunting task! Especially when you’re unsure of whether the return on your investment would be worth it. 

However, after all that hard work of event marketing and planning, there’s a chance that you’ll see some truly incredible results for your company. 

We’ve helped our clients plan, sponsor and host many events. Spearheaded by the Seed Group’s incredible Event Coordinator, we’ve helped put on some of Sacramento’s most fun parties, festivals, and gatherings. 

Aftershock Festival @ Discovery Park – October 11th, 12th, and 13th

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For our client, Kolas, this is their biggest event of the year.

The Aftershock Festival is a weekend music festival held in Discovery Park in Sacramento, and we’ve helped Kolas sponsor this event and do their event marketing two years in a row.

The event welcomes music lovers of all walks of life, featuring headliners such as Slipknot, Staind, Blink-182, Rob Zombie, Tool, and Korn in the 2019 event.

Kolas had a fun booth in 2018, but this year they wanted to go even bigger.

So we developed a VIP lounge! for festival-goers to chill and enjoy the music in style!

Visitors of the festival could visit the Kolas booth for information about some of the leading cannabis brands, including (in alphabetical order) Bloom, Cresco, Flow Kana, Heavy Grass, Heavy Hitters, Legion of Bloom, Lowell Herb Co., Moxie, PAX, Platinum Vapes, and Select.

But the attendees could also check out the VIP lounge to chill and enjoy the music in style.

We also secured multiple items of swag for the Kolas booth to give out to fans and interested parties.

What made this event so special was that we were able to help out with the same event for the second year in a row.

We were able to help Kolas maintain aspects that worked last year while improving on certain concepts that weren’t as strong.

We sent out lots of hype via their social media, text message marketing system, email marketing system, blog, and more. This was to maximize their digital media presence and gain as much exposure to the event as possible.

This was an incredible event for Kolas to have some genuine face-time with customers, get to know their demographic, and to collect marketing information about customers and how to reach them.

Kolas expanded their email newsletter, text message, and social media following database exceedingly just by talking to attendees that showed interested in the Kolas brand.

2. Second Saturday Block Party Series @ Lavender Heights, Sacramento – Every Second Saturday Between May and September

Seed Group blog - event marketing digital sacramento booth tent host sponsor cannabis marketing events festivals gatherings lead capture kolas powered by kolas second saturday

There’s nothing like a successful Sacramento event in Midtown!

The Second Saturday Block Party series, hosted by LowBrau and Kolas, that happened over the summer of 2019 was a great way for our client to make consistent relationships with their customers.

There was a silent disco, live DJ, food, drinks, and of course, the vendor tents!

Last year, we helped our client put up a couple of booths for the events, but this year, our client was a main sponsor and wanted to be there for every event of the season.

We knew that this year was going to be big, and we were ready.
We helped our client establish their booth, customize their swag items, and briefed the staff about the goals of the company and of the event.

By having some staff members in the booth as a source of information and swag items, and having other staff members going into the crowds and bringing attendees back to the booth, our client was able to have a fully immersive and connective experience with their customers.

The coupons that they dispensed during the event were redeemed by many of the attendees in the following days and weeks of each event.

Our event marketing team consistently pushed each monthly event for the entirety of the summer on a number of different channels to target the specific demographic that loved the Second Saturday Block Party Series events. 

And – the cherry on top – we even provided one of our very own Seed Group team members as one of the DJs for one of the events! We love our multi-talented team.

3. Farm-to-Fork Festival @ Capitol Mall – September 25th and September 26th

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What do foodies, adult Sactown community members, and festival-goers have in common? They’re all interested in learning more about cannabis and CBD!

And that’s exactly what our client provided at the Farm-to-Fork Festival in Downtown, Sacramento.

So our event marketing goal was to bring to light all of the benefits of CBD for our client. We wanted to get the festival attendees excited weeks and days before the actual event so that by the time they saw our client’s booth at the event, they were able to ask the questions they really wanted to ask.

The attendees were a slightly different demographic than our client’s usual audience, but by making just a few small changes in our event marketing goals and brand presence, we were able to maintain brand consistency while also appealing to a new market.

While we don’t usually recommend participating in an event that is completely unrelated to your target demographic (for example, if your company develops safe and easy-to-use stairlifts, we think you probably shouldn’t host an event at an EDM festival), we can help you determine whether you can make enough changes in your brand identity to pique the interests of event attendees in a new way that you’ve never thought of before. 

4. Shavo (of System of a Down) Meet and Greet and Introducing 22Red @ Kolas – October 10th

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This unique event, held at the Kolas dispensary, was to showcase Shavo Odadjian (bassist of System of a Down) and his new cannabis brand, 22Red.

The event was a meet-and-greet where Shavo signed posters and bass guitars, and took pictures with fans.

We helped him unveil his cannabis brand in style, and helped them develop an exclusive promotion where the first 100 people that showed up for the event were able to receive discounted products from his cannabis brand.

People from all walks of life showed up to meet the rock legend and to try his brand of flower.

We were also so excited to be surprised by the appearance of Sid Wilson (aka Sid the 3rd, aka TheDJ, aka DJ Starscream, aka #0, aka the turntablist of the Grammy-award winning heavy metal band, Slipknot) who showed up to show support on his way to performing at Aftershock!

Artists supporting artists in a space that’s cannabis-friendly is what we’re all about promoting. That’s why helping to plan and organize this event was so much fun and ended up being so successful for our client!

The event was a hit on social media and made a splash in both the music and cannabis communities.

5. Sausage Fest @ Lavender Heights, Sacramento – October 20th

Seed Group blog - event marketing digital sacramento booth tent host sponsor cannabis marketing events festivals gatherings lead capture kolas powered by kolas sausage fest

This tongue-in-cheek festival was a blast! And we had so much fun helping our client gear up to be the best of the “wurst”!

Sausage Fest was an event hosted by LowBrau, in Midtown Sacramento, featuring chefs from all over the city for a cut-throat sausage-cooking competition!

Our client not only had a booth at the event, but they also had one of their own team members cooking up delicious sausages in the competition.

So it was not only our task to help them build an awesome booth and have the perfect swag items, but we also needed to hype up the company representative’s sausage chef!

We were honored to give props to our client’s chef by doing a spotlight bio on him, his background with the company, and as a chef by highlighting him on multiple marketing channels.

We were able to tell his story and make our event marketing efforts feel more personalized. By making the event feel more specific, we were able to give attendees someone to root for! They could feel connected to their chef before they even set foot at the event itself.

Event marketing isn’t all about helping a company find their voice among a crowd. It’s also about highlighting the individuals that are contributing in unique and inspiring ways.

This isn’t about just about companies giving out swag, it’s about connecting people with people. 

Shout out to Shane Lillard, a general manager from a Powered by Kolas dispensary for cooking the best sausages at the event!!!

6. Give Thanks Festival @ Cal Expo – November 29th and 30th

Seed Group blog - event marketing digital sacramento booth tent host sponsor cannabis marketing events festivals gatherings lead capture kolas powered by kolas give thanks

Our next event that we’re doing event marketing for is coming up in November, and it’s going to be a big one!

The event, called Give Thanks, is happening during Thanksgiving week, on November 29th and 30th of 2019 and our client is helping to sponsor the two-day festival.

Headliners such as Kaskade, Kayzo, 3Lau, and Joyryde will grace the stage at Cal Expo for an EDM festival that is truly full of gratitude.

What’s special about EDM culture is the emphasis on peace, love, unity, and respect among people. And these are pillars in which our client embodies both in their products and in their brand identity.

The festival will be the first Northern California Thanksgiving event of its time, by offering a massive indoor venue, multiple full bars, convenient parking, and a huge production.

Our client will be co-presenting the event and will be offering even more fun surprises that you’ll just have to stay tuned to hear more about.

Connecting companies like our client to events like the Give Thanks Festival, and helping them to connect with their target demographic in a way that’s impactful, memorable, and safe, is our main goal.

It’s pretty spot-on that we’re helping our client to shine at an event called Give Thanks, as we’re pretty darn thankful to be able to work with companies that care about giving back to the community of Sacramento.

When it comes to event marketing, there’s a lot you can’t control.

The attendee turnout, the weather, and unexpected hiccups can make hosting or participating in an event seem stressful and not worth it. 

But we can assure you, that with a little consulting, it SO is.

At The Seed Group, we can help you assess the risks, analyze your target demographic, and help you organize and plan everything you’ll need for the event.

Need more convincing?

Talk to any of our clients that have experienced an influx of subscribers, website-visitors, followers, and ultimately, customers after a major event is done right!

When you’re doing event marketing in a city like Sacramento, you have a unique situation. The city isn’t a big one, and you have a close-knit, small-town feel when it comes to the community. But on the other hand, you have a city that’s growing consistently and you’re seeing young professionals flocking to the changing city in groves. 

What does this mean for event marketing?

It means that your strategies are always changing, and you’ve got to keep your finger on the pulse of the city.

And that’s exactly what The Seed Group is here for.

We know Sacramento, and we know businesses. Event marketing is one of the many marketing services we offer for businesses all over Sacramento and California. Our clients in the cannabis industry, as well as our clients that are not, turn to us to help them elevate their brand identity. We can take an idea and make it into a reality. We can help you grow beyond your dreams.

Contact us today to find out more about what The Seed Group can do for you, your business, and Sacramento.