15 Creative Marketing Ideas You Can Use for Your Cannabis Brand

Being in the cannabis industry, we’re always being creative.

Especially when it comes to marketing our products and services, not only do we have to market in a way that’s captivating without being stereotypical, but we also have to jump through compliance hoops.

Following the ever-changing regulations when it comes to cannabis marketing can be a daunting task.

Luckily, we’ve done all of the research and can confirm that there are still tons of creative marketing ideas you can use to get the word out about your cannabis products and services.

So without further ado, it’s time to get creative! Here are some fun marketing ideas you can implement into your marketing strategy today.

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1. Hold a contest

But be careful if this contest is a giveaway.

Any other industry can usually get away with running a giveaway, which usually entails having your social media followers like, follow, and/or repost a certain post in exchange for their handles being entered into a raffle for a free item.

However, because we’re in the cannabis industry, we need to be extra careful about compliance.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get to have any fun!

Rules and regulations for cannabis in California state that giving away product of any kind is a big legal no-no.

But if it’s merchandise, or something related to cannabis that doesn’t have any consumable cannabis included in it, you’re good to go!

So if you have extra vape pen batteries, branded lighters, some hemp wick, or all of the above, these are awesome items to pack into a cute little giveaway package!

Plus, this is a fantastic way to grow your social media following quickly and authentically.

2. Repair your reputation on review sites

Okay, so you’re not a restaurant or a dentist or a beauty salon.

But, like businesses in other industries, we in the cannabis space have to maintain a solid reputation on review sites too.

And that doesn’t just mean Yelp, Facebook Reviews, and Google Reviews (though you definitely should care about these three).

Being in the industry, things work a little differently.

We have a couple more sites that we need to be wary of, especially when you have customers directly interacting with other customers about your product or service.

We highly recommend staying on top of your Weedmaps and Leafly reviews.

These are the sites that seasoned cannabis users are using to learn more about your brand from previous customers.

Remember to always respond to every review! ESPECIALLY if it’s a negative one!

3. Start a video series

Come on, would you rather look at an advertisement, or watch a fun video?

Whether your video series is educational, funny, insightful, or whatever you want to make it, just make sure it’s on-brand!

If your brand is all about saving the environment by creating sustainable cannabis packaging, create a video series showing you and your team taking time off work to clean up random beaches throughout California!

If your brand is all about sparking creativity with your cannabis products, do a video series about artists and musicians who love cannabis and love your product.

Video content is an amazing way to engage with your audience.

Want to create high-quality video content that your target audience will respond to? Contact the Seed Group today to learn more about our video marketing services.

The Seed Group blog - creative marketing ideas cannabis marijuana weed thc cbd marketing tips life hacks business new ideas digital marketing agency help sacramento california near me

4. Start a blog

If your cannabis brand requires extra education (and in this day in age, which cannabis brand doesn’t?!), a blog is a perfect place to start.

Educate your customers on the basic benefits of cannabis, the difference between THC and CBD, and what a hybrid means compared with a sativa or an indica.

But also educate them on the intricacies of YOUR product.

Do you need to smoke it? How do you take it? Does it need to charge? For how long? How long does it take after taking it to feel it? Is there a unique taste? Smell?

When you’re operating in the industry, these questions may seem trivial. But remember, consumers are still learning about cannabis.

Be that beacon of light for them in a space that may seem a little overwhelming.

Want to update your website frequently with high-quality blogs? Contact the Seed Group today to learn more about our content marketing solutions.

5. Start a podcast

More of a speaker than a writer?

You can totally make this work for you!

In the cannabis industry, there is so much room for education of every medium.

If you have some truth you want to share, share it in a podcast!
It’ll give your brand an actual voice, and will provide your customers with a place to listen directly to what your brand stands for and means to you.

It gives it a personal touch when your customers are able to listen to you speak instead of just reading words on a page.

6. Go foraging for backlinks

One of our super easy, effective, and creative marketing ideas is to get after those backlinks!

Backlinks are links on someone else’s website that link back to yours.

To get them requires a lot of research and a lot of reaching out.

But once you find the perfect place for a link to your business, and you ask the website host to slide your link in there, it can be a great way to gain new traffic to your site. Not to mention, Google will start to recognize your website as a reputable source (since everyone else is posting about it), which will help your SEO ranking a ton!

The Seed Group blog - creative marketing ideas cannabis marijuana weed thc cbd marketing tips life hacks business new ideas digital marketing agency help sacramento california near me

7. Speak at seminars

If there was a way to bump elbows with important people, gain credibility for your brand, and give yourself an excuse to do some extra research, this is the perfect way to get stoned with three birds, er, kill three birds with one stone…

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, so if you don’t want to do it personally, take a look at your team. You never know who can be a natural public speaker until you give them the chance. And an employee that’s willing to grow in their role is one you definitely want to keep around.

8. Create a business award competition

This is one of those creative marketing ideas for cannabis businesses that aren’t quite well-known enough to achieve an award that already exists yet, like the Cannasseur Awards that we helped Capitol Compliance Management develop.

So how do you get around that? You host your own award ceremony instead, of course!

Have your fans on social media vote between you and your competitors, or even better, other brands that you collaborate with that want in on the contest.

Then, source out some trophies or print out some certificates, and viola!

You’ve just hosted an award competition (and hopefully won yourself an award too)!

9. Participate in charity donation programs

This is one of those creative marketing ideas that are not only good for your business, but it’s good for the community and the world.

Stand up for what you really believe in and show your customers that your heart is in the right place.

If you’re interested in getting involved with a movement to help the homeless lead by the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association, feel free to check out the Cannabis Cares program.

The Seed Group blog - creative marketing ideas cannabis marijuana weed thc cbd marketing tips life hacks business new ideas digital marketing agency help sacramento california near me

10. Host an event

In a similar way as starting a competition or speaking at a seminar, hosting an event is a super fun way to network with like-minded people, and one of those creative marketing ideas that every business should try at some point.

And it doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring, either. We’re in the cannabis industry, for crying out loud!

Get creative and make it fun. Host it at a hip restaurant or at an art gallery and get some live music in there.

Have some fun and promote your business while you do it! It’s a win-win.

But don’t forget to…

11. Get a business card

You never know where you’ll meet t your next business partner!
That’s why you should have a couple of snazzy-looking business cards in your wallet, ready to show off to whoever you may meet out in the world.

Want help designing a business card that’s on-trend and memorable? Contact The Seed Group today and let us know what you’re looking for!

12. Give free swag to key people

When you’re meeting with clients, potential business partners, your marketing team, your distribution team, or any other people you know supports your brand, don’t forget the swag!

Swag can be anything from shirts with your logo on it to stickers and decals. This turns staff, budtenders, employees, partners, stakeholders, investors, and other key people into brand ambassadors. Plus, who’s going to turn down free swag?

The Seed Group blog - creative marketing ideas cannabis marijuana weed thc cbd marketing tips life hacks business new ideas digital marketing agency help sacramento california near me

13. Peruse forums like Reddit, Quora, and other social media sites and answer questions about your brand

You may come to realize that people won’t always hold conversations about your brand on your own social media pages.

That’s why keeping tabs on related pages on Reddit, Quora, and other forum and Q&A sites can help you to see common questions and concerns your customers have.

And even better, with sites like those, you have the kind of access that they do to be able to go on and directly answer their questions.

Make it a priority to address any negative comments or concerns regarding your brand in a positive way, especially in any public forum.

14. Update your website often

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. But one thing that’s for sure is that Google favors websites that are updated often.

The more you update your site, the better your SEO ranking will be. And we all know that a website that doesn’t pop up on the first page of Google may not exist.

That means uploading blogs, videos, promotions, and any other relevant information to your website as often as you possibly can.

This will also give your customers more reasons to check out your site more often! More traffic and better SEO? Yes, please!

15. Create a LinkedIn page for your company

You may think that just because you’re in the cannabis industry that you’re too cool and informal to get a LinkedIn.

That might’ve been true back in the day when the only way to sell cannabis was to do it on the streets, but it certainly isn’t true anymore.

Maintaining a LinkedIn page is a quick and easy way to sustain credibility within the industry.

Did these creative marketing ideas get you inspired?

If marketing isn’t your forte, you’re not the only one in the business who feels that way. But no worries, we’re here to help.

We’re the Seed Group, a Sacramento marketing and design agency specializing in cannabis businesses. We’ve worked with dispensaries, brands, distribution companies, and more.

We’ve worked with companies big and small. Big companies that want to do an entire rebrand, or just need a few things tweaked. Smaller up-and-coming companies that have all of the ideas but none of it’s been put into action yet.

No matter where you are with your business, we’re here to help you grow beyond your dreams.

Want to set up your free consultation today? Call us at 916-389-2858 so we can help you develop the right customized creative marketing ideas for you and your canna-business.

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