Who is the Seed Group? And What Are They Doing for Cannabis Marketing?

With our common goal of taking your business to the top, we can design a streamlined cannabis marketing path to success.

And that’s exactly what Seed Group is all about.

Because our marketing team is expanding so quickly, we are branching out and becoming an extension of Capitol Compliance Management as Seed Group. We dominated the cannabis marketing industry and took our clients to the top with us.

We’re back and better than ever with an innovative twist built on our solid foundation.


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The Seed Group team is more like a family.

We’re a team of ambitious and highly creative people who come from all walks of life who come together every day toward creating the most innovative brand marketing for the cannabis industry.

Because of our extensive experience of working under Capitol Compliance Management, our team is made up of talented graphic designers and skilled communication specialists.

We are proud to be responsible for the most efficient, professional, and fun to work with cannabis marketing team in Sacramento.

Under Capitol Compliance Management, we were known for designing and cultivating some of the most successful and high-quality cannabis brands and business in California.

We are so excited to take our business, and yours, to the next level as Seed Group.

We’ve watched the industry go from being fully illegal, to medicinal, to recreational, and all of the grey areas in between.

We’re truly experts in an industry that often feels convoluted and tricky to navigate.


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We offer extensive services for any and all of your cannabis marketing needs.

These include, but aren’t limited to, web design and development, SEO (search engine optimization), print and digital graphic design solutions, captivating and compliant cannabis packaging, stunning photography and videography, and essentially, we can help you build an innovative and highly personalized brand identity.

While under the name Capitol Compliance Management, we made valuable connections with prestigious cannabis brands and dispensaries throughout California.

We have had the pleasure of working with the industry leaders, tireless workers, and smiling faces of those who have truly built this industry from the ground up.

We effectively, efficiently, and enthusiastically create cannabis marketing solutions that have significantly improved the trajectory of many cannabis businesses throughout California.


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Seed Group has a passion for cannabis.

We are happy to work with cannabis industry leaders who are interested in a re-vamping of their marketing strategy.

We are happy to work with new small cannabis businesses that are just beginning to plant their seeds, so to speak.

We are happy to work with anyone in between.

Let us work with you to take your cannabis business to the next level with cannabis marketing that’s proven to do wonders.


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In a society where cannabis is stigmatized, and in a legal climate that has been working against cannabis for a long time, we’re here to fight for the normalization of cannabis.

We are well versed in the beneficial medical and recreational effects of cannabis and we want your customers to understand them too.

We see our jobs as so much more than a professional obligation. It’s an obligation to the people who want to see cannabis thrive. To the people who are unsure and want to be educated. And most importantly, it’s an obligation to you.

The services we can provide for you and your business will provide lasting effects that will give your cannabis company the boost that it needs to be seen, be heard, and be recognized as offering quality products.


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In the middle of the hub of Sacramento, our office can be found in Downtown on 701 12th Street, Suite #102, Sacramento, CA, 95814.

Our hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Our office is a place where our Seed Group team can foster creativity and get down to business.

Feel free to schedule a meeting, a tour, or just some time to hang out in our lounge area.


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Are you interested in getting in reaching out to our team for immediate assistance with sales inquiries, or to receive a quote on our services?

Interested in getting in touch to request a consultation for ordinance support, cultivation questions, compliance issues and more?

Want to employ any of our cannabis marketing services?

Feel free to contact us via our contact page, and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

We’re also available via phone, so feel free to give us a call any time!